Wellness Consultations and Developmental Tracking

Parents want to provide the very best for their child.  Child development happens so quickly and it's easy to get lost.  Sometimes it feels like you need a road map.  If you would like to book a service continue onto the store.  

Initial  Assessment

1 hour 

I will visit your home (within the Pittsburgh area) or do a virtual consult to meet your child and learn about your family and home environment. I will assess their overall development and offer suggestions on  promoting new skills and provide recommendations toys and tools to assist. Together we will make a game plan to address your concerns.  

Baby's First Year

Assessment + 4 quarterly visits 

This program series includes 5 one hour sessions - Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 months.  In a baby's first year so many questions come up.  Give yourself the gift of having experience and knowledge at your fingertips.  The program also includes unlimited phone and e-mail consults with me throughout your baby’s first year. 

Baby BootCamp

45 minute sessions 

Is your baby lagging behind their peers?  Do you think they are on the verge of a milestone?  Let's get them where they need to be quickly.  In these 45 minute sessions I will give you tips and strategies to boost their development. 

Toddler Time

1 hour

Is your baby transitioning to stand and trying to walk? Would you value tips to encourage their development?    Is your toddler walking but falling down often?  Let me help!  

Troubled Tummy Time 

45 minutes

Does your baby fuss when you place them on their tummy?  Need tips to make tummy time enjoyable for you both?  I can help! 

Body Awareness and Coordination

1 hour

Your child is walking! Hooray!  Now what? I can help to teach you both strategies that will help them with stability and strength training to assist them as they grow.

SuperKids Camp

5 or 10 hour sessions

Does your child need a strategic plan after our initial assessment?  Bundle a package for discounted pricing. During these solution based sessions we will work to reach those outcomes.  

Big Kid Bootcamp

1 hour

Is your child training for a sport?  Do they need help conditioning?  Are they having trouble in gym? At SuperKids we will come up with a plan to help succeed!