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Here are some parting words from families

Callie was the first face I saw as a Mama struggling with the intensity of “a developmental delay.” Callie provided our family care and support without ever losing focus on her intentions to work with our daughter. Mastering the basics made a huge difference in Hazel’s ability to control her body and feel safe doing so. I can say this because as my daughter has gotten older, basics can become overlooked. It has been impossible to find another physical therapist like Callie. We are so grateful to her. Her time and effort with our family reminds me of what to focus on to help my child. I hope we have the chance to work with her very soon! 10,000 stars.

Toni C

Callie’s innovative therapy changed my daughter’s life. After missing her walking milestone, her pediatrician was unconcerned but suggested we try therapy, just in case. Within hours of meeting Callie we found that there was a legitimate issue causing her to miss milestones. Callie then came up with interesting exercises to challenge and interest my then one and a half year old. Less than two months into therapy with Callie and my daughter was walking!! The skills that Callie built with her still help her today, over 2 years later. Callie took the time to not only show us exercises to help my daughter at the time, but also how to build on the skills she was learning in the future. Callie also took the time to explain the “why” to everything she had us do with my daughter. Her long lasting tips from her years of experience and knowledge are still being used in our home today. We will forever be grateful for Callie and all of her help  

Sam S.

Sophia has suffered from chronic constipation pretty much since birth. As a mom you will do anything to help your kid feel better. So I took her to her pediatrician, who then recommended a specialist, who then recommended another specialist. In 8 years we have gone through many doctors, appointments, procedures and medication, all with limited success. Then 5 months ago, it was suggested by a specialist to try PT. I thought PT for constipation?? Really?? But after going through everything else, I figured well there’s no harm in trying. I got the script and immediately went into my school to ask my Occupational therapist if she ever heard of PT for chronic constipation?? To my surprise, she immediately said “a friend of mine does that”, and that’s how we were introduced to Dr. Callie Lodico. We started seeing Miss Callie in March. Sophia has made more progress in 5 short months than in 8 lLONG years! I only wish I would have known about this option years ago. Callie was amazing with Sophia and really listened to what she had to say. When we first started going, I thought it would be a fight to get Sophia to go, but once she started she loved her time with Miss Callie!! She said “mom I love coming here because it makes me feel better!” It is unbelievable the difference PT has made in all of our lives. Sophia isn’t afraid to go places because her belly might hurt or that she will have to go to the bathroom. I can’t thank Miss Callie enough for ALL of the help and relief she has brought to Sophia’s life! I would highly recommend Dr. Callie Lodico if your child is suffering from constipation or in need of PT services reach out to Dr. Callie Lodico at Super Kids PT!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, The Smith Family